so this is vermont winter……

It’s 7 degrees and WeatherBug says it feels like -4. My most amazing stove is not able to throw off enough heat so i type this with those mittens with no fingers.  And I’m fast running out of wood.  I think there is a method by which one doesn’t burn 20 or more logs a day.  I haven’t figured it out yet


While digging up some of that dreaded bamboo stuff,  a man who seemed to know what he was talking about, told me that our magnificent maple is about to lose a huge branch directly onto the house.  “Rot, you know.”  Well, I didn’t know and frantically searched for the person who did things to save trees.  Through no fault of my own, I found Corey the Tree Guy.  Corey is my new hero.  He says he will have to cut out much dead wood but the tree will be saved –  for vast quantities of money – naturally.  The tree  will remain – come hell or high water or $1,000 plus dollars.

The Mighty Maple

The Mighty Maple 2002





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