Snow Slips into a taste of the Dreaded Mud Season

Arrived in Vermont to test the waters in winter.  Bathed in over a foot of snow it was a glorious entry.  Now for a taste of the mud. Slippery, puddly mud is splattered on every melting bit of snow it can cover.  Cars, mailboxes and unprotected legs are all fair game.  Brown in every possible shade is the color of Elmore Mountain Road.

I have been obsessively checking WeatherBug hoping the weather will change.  And I bought two outdoor thermometers which I thought were broken as they never moved from 38ish.  The latest word from WeatherBug is snow showers – whatever they are – expected Thursday.  Not sure I like the word ‘shower’ connected with ‘snow’.

on high alert for anything on four legs
except a cow.

He’s terrified of cows.



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